Quinones (Hydroquinones) encyclopedia

The class of Quinones is well known in many chemistry fields, they have versatile applications in chemical synthesis, biological uses, dyes, pharmaceutical chemicals, polyurethane industry, it can be used as antioxidants, stabilisers, photographic initiators etc., it is also a valuable chemical intermediates and catalyst in many fields. ZX CHEMTECH Quinones and its derivatives which are including:

CT3201      2,5-Di-Tert-Butyl-Hydroquinone (DTBHQ)   98%min    25kg/Drum

CT3202      p-Benzoquinone (PBQ)  99%min    25kg/Drum

CT3203      Tert-Butyl Hydroquinone (TBHQ)  99%min    25kg/Drum

CT3204      Toluhydroquinone (THQ)   99%min    25kg/Drum

CT3205      2,3,5-Trimethyl Hydroquinone (TMHQ)    98.5%min    25kg/Drum

CT3206      Hydroquinone (HQ)   99%min    25kg/Drum

CT1401     Hydroquinone-Bis(2-Hydroxyl Ethyl Ether) [HQEE]   96%/99%min    25kg/Drum

They are mainly used :
As polymerisation inhibitor, antioxidant and stabiliser
Mostly be used in industrial applications, particularly in rubbers, adhesives and adhesive films, paints, paper, paperboard, varnishes, motor oils and fuels, as antioxidant for industrial fats and oils, as rust inhibitor, also as food,feed and cosmetic additives (skin lightening cream) etc. p-Benzoquinone is useful inhibitor in processing certain vinyl monomers such as acrylic acid and also can as a dehydrogenation agent, oxidizing agent etc.

As photographic initiators
Used as photographic reducer and developer.
Hydroquinone is principally as a photographic developing agent, including black and white photographic film, lithography and hospital x-ray film etc.   

In biochemistry
Derivatives of quinones are common constituents of biologically relevant molecules ; It also occur as biological pigments (biochromes), many synthetic quinones show a biological or pharmacological activity and some of them show antitumoral activity.

In dyes, pharmaceutical chemicals, vitamins and herbicides
They are second only to azo dyes in importance as dyestuffs, with particular emphasis on blue colors etc., many artificial coloring substances (dyes and pigments) are quinone derivatives. And they are the key raw materials for some vitamins (VE & VK) and herbicides.

As chain extender for PU system
HQEE is a new-style and poisonless chain extender with more advantages, take instead of MOCA. It is widely applied in three kinds of polyurethane elastomers and thermoplastic polyurethane rubber.