New Chain Extender 4200

ZX CHEMTECH now can supply a New Chain Extender, it is a unique functional diamine chain extender for polyurethane elastomers.               

It builds linear polymer networks, allowing the polyurethane formulator to control the degree of cross-linking by the addition of higher functional polyols.

Its reactivity is much lower than other aromatic amines and this low reactivity allows It to be used as an effective curing agent in both TDI and MDI formulations.

Polymers cured with it generally exhibit longer pot lives and lower hardness with improved strength, adhesion, impact resistance and low temperature properties.

TDI and MDI-based slabstock and moulded flexible foams can show improved strength and load-bearing properties often at significantly lower foam densities while PUR and PIR rigid foam formulations demonstrate improved dimensional stability, flow and adhesion.

Other details:

Name 4,4'-methylenebis[N-sec-butylaniline]
Synonyms Unilink 4200 ; Polylink 4200 ; Ethacure 420.
Molecular formula C21H30N2 
CAS 5285-60-9
Appearance Transparent, amber liquid